Bye bye iMols, welcome SaaS

27th June 2016

Starting 1 July, the iMols platform of Mind the Byte will be no longer available. However, the company will continue offering the service through the pay-per-use SaaS platform (Software as a Service), which is getting a warm reception from the health and life sciences community. The SaaS platform includes nine latest-generation programs, with all the specifications and features of iMols and much more.

What do we offer?

- 2D virtual profiling in less than 5 minutes (Cabrakan)
- 2D virtual screening (Chaac)
- 2D ligand-based compound selection (Kizin)
- 3D ligand-based virtual profiling (Hurakan)
- 3D virtual screening (Ik)
- 3D protein-based virtual profiling (Ixchel)
- 3D protein-based virtual screening (Itzamna)
- Management of chemical libraries (Ixtab)
- Blind-docking technology (Kin)
All users from iMols will be moved to the SaaS and they also have 10 free credits to try out the SaaS platform.

For further information, contact us

Photo: Lab University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia